The District's technology goal is to provide a technology infrastructure that supports teaching and learning including:

  • Instructional hardware and software
  • Data and web communication services - Internet/Intranet  connectivity and e-mail
  • Teacher and student online collaboration tools
  • Data management and analysis tools to support data-driven instruction
  • Professional development
  • Technical support
  • Security and disaster recovery
  • Continuous improvement based on ongoing needs analysis

Contact Us:

Dr. Ahunna M. Akoma, Director of Technology
Maureen Jones, Systems Manager and CIO
Bryan Collins, Senior Network Specialist
Teresa Gallo, Helpdesk Analyst
Ann Marie Pesavento, Data Analyst
Beth Koles, School Technologist
Lorraine Pidgeon, School Technologist
Erika Parys, School Technology
Janet McGowen, School Technology
Will Shier, School Technologist
Mike Krajca, LHRIC Network Admin
Ronnie Storette, LHRIC Tech

Students with Helpdesk issues, please email [email protected].  Include your full name, grade and student ID number.